25 Theme Lap Ideas

Every event struggles to keep itself fresh every year.  One great way to do that is by having theme laps all throughout the event to keep people engaged and on the track all night long.  Here are 20 of the more original ideas we have seen this Relay season.
  1. Crazy Hat Lap
  2. Egg Holding Lap
  3. Life Saver Lap
  4. Jump Rope Lap
  5. Chicken Dance Lap
  6. Macarena Lap
  7. Tobacco Survivors Lap (ex smokers, chewers)
  8. Fight Back Lap (people who have completed their Fight Back Pledge)
  9. Celebrity Lap
  10. Bunny Hop Lap
  11. Decade Laps 50's, 60's, 70's, etc
  12. Pajama Lap
  13. Backwards Lap
  14. Western Lap
  15. YMCA Lap
  16. School Spirit Lap
  17. Vikings vs Packers Lap
  18. Wedding Lap
  19. Oldest Relay Shirt Lap
  20. Holiday Lap (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine)

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